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Get Wellthy

Apr 6, 2021

Is Michelle going to write another cookbook?  Do Brad and Michelle enjoy working together? How did you guys meet? How do you deal with the haters?

You asked, and today, Michelle and Brad answered. If you’ve ever wished that you could sit down and hang out with Michelle and Brad, today’s episode is right up your alley. Michelle and Brad spend time answering some of your most frequently asked questions.

While we know you all love the information-rich episodes, every now and then it’s nice to have a more lighthearted and fun approach. The dynamic duo share everything from how they met, to Michelle’s rendezvous with John Mayer and brush with Beyonce. (Was it in her imagination or in real life?) So grab your favorite drink, pop in those headphones and enjoy.

Episode Highlights:

  • Do you like working with each other as husband and wife?
  • Will you write another cookbook?
  • What is your number one health tip?
  • Is Michelle as cool, fun, smart, and funny as she is in real life?!
  • Do you have any marriage tips?
  • Do you still do Whole30?
  • Who is your dream podcast guest?
  • What’s Brad’s favorite recipe that you make?
  • Brad shares his number one health tip and his healthy “habits” from college. Hint: it involves a lot of creatine, fast food, and beer.

Links Mentioned in Episode/Find More on The Whole Smiths: